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EBS has been successfully offering technical consulting services to a wide range of industry clients for over 13 years.

Software Architecture

EBS can analyze business requirements and develop a design using industry standards and best practices. EBS can generate both high level designs for management and fully detailed technical specifications ready for developers to implement.

Software Development

EBS has extensive experience: designing, developing, and managing large complex software projects. EBS can help your company through the entire SDLC process.

CTO as a Service

Many small companies lack the technical leadership to drive long term success. EBS leverages it’s long term industry experience to offer CTO as a service. EBS can provide a technical leader to help with high level technical guidance and long term technology roadmaps.

Business/Project Reviews

EBS can easily provide a second opinion or domain expertise to your in house software projects.

Project Outsourcing

Many companies lack the internal resources to successfully complete large software projects. EBS can help by providing complete turn-key software solutions on time and on budget.

Systems Integrations

Integrating different technical systems can be extremely complicated. EBS can help reduce complexity and provide a well defined integration solution using industry best practices.

Cloud Migrations

EBS has extensive experience designing and developing cloud migrations for a wide variety of legacy systems across industries.

Legacy Rewrites

EBS specializes in updating legacy systems. EBS can quickly analyze legacy code and develop improved systems using state of the art technologies while minimizing service disruptions.


EBS offers a wide range of technical consulting services. Feel free to reach out to see how EBS can help your company succeed.

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